Christina Aguilera says ‘I Don’t Like To Wear Underwear’

Saw a news blurb on yahoo that was from an access Hollywood article that mentions Christina tells Chelsea Handler during TV interview that she does not like to wear underwear. So she prefers to be bare down there with no panties on, that’s kind of hot. Well I am sure it’s definitely hotter down there now that she has gained so much weight the past year or so. Personally I think the image in my mind of her having no panties covering her pussy would be much steamier a few years ago when she was thinner and in top shape.

Hustler loses a round in fair use of news anchor’s image in mag

I was quite surprised when reading a recent story via Reuters that says “Hustler loses appeal over news-anchor photo” – I assume that this will be appealed again and that another jury or set of judges will change the verdict in this case. Now if someone will send me a copy of the Feb 2006 issue so I can have a closer look at the magazine and see how they reached this conclusion in the first. My initial thought is that perhaps since this case was debated in Ohio where the jury may have had an emotional connection with a local news woman and wanted to punish anyone republishing her photo – legal or not. Of course at the moment I am merely going by a few news stories I have read, and I am not familiar with all the details of this case.

Like hot dog stands, adult toys via sidewalk vending

They blame it on the popularity of the 50 shades of grey book series, sales are up, and interest in sex toys from trojan vibrators to cuffs and rope has skyrocketed. adult toys sidewalk cartoon So much interest in fact, that Trojan was able to setup up pleasure carts in Manhattan recently and give away thousands of vibrators. The vibrator pleasure carts we attracting so much attention that they needed to be shut down temporarily and were directed to acquire special permits (as reported by sfgate / San Fransisco chronicle) – but then they were back on the street handing out new vibrations to all the adults who wanted to get their hands on them.

Syphilis STD halts porn production for 10 days

Recent testing of porn several porn actors and actresses in LA prompts the main players in the adult film industry to ask for a nationwide halt to porn production as more tests are run. After a few days of stories, some of the top dogs in the porn business are suggesting that porn performers take a 10 day cycle of antibiotics to make sure they are free of this horrible STD before returning to engage in sex with other people.

Hungry in Tampa? Maybe hit the strip clubs

Found a story via yahoo that explains some of the highest health department ratings for clean kitchens in Tampa are found in several strip clubs in this Florida area. They found some of the cleaning kitchens at several strip clubs, including one strip that did not yet have a license to serve up food. It’s good to know that if you hit up the strip clubs there and decided to order food at least the kitchen is clean!

HPV treatment with shots showing promise from Kenter of the Leiden University study

With the CDC estimating that 50% of people will acquire HPV in their lifetime, the odds are pretty high that if you or your sexual partner have already been exposed to HPV and may be contagious, whether they know it or not. About 10% of women who are exposed to the HPV (with strains being labeled as simply genital warts) having the internal warts turning to cancerous legions that require various types of surgeries and other painful procedures to treat and limit the damage in the vagina – it’s a pretty serious issue. When I first started reading the news story about this new HPV study, I had thought I was reading about another vaccine that may be able to be used for men, not the case, but it does appear that this vaccine treatment is very effective in treating women for the harsh HPV after they have been exposed to it.