Christina Aguilera says ‘I Don’t Like To Wear Underwear’

Saw a news blurb on yahoo that was from an access Hollywood article that mentions Christina tells Chelsea Handler during TV interview that she does not like to wear underwear. So she prefers to be bare down there with no panties on, that’s kind of hot. Well I am sure it’s definitely hotter down there now that she has gained so much weight the past year or so. Personally I think the image in my mind of her having no panties covering her pussy would be much steamier a few years ago when she was thinner and in top shape.


Of course I am sure there are plenty of people who prefer her new BBW look, even if Chelsea and many others have made fun of her over wearing bodysuits in so many appearances. Certainly there are plenty of guys that really like women who have much more meat on their bones. I myself preferred the thinner Christina, I have always thought she was one of the hottest singers to ever make a music video. OF course Christina is not just sexy, she has an absolutely incredible voice. Her music rocks, and seeing her in Burlesque made me realize just how amazing this woman’s voice is. Whatever reasons she has for putting on so much weight the past year or so, it doesn’t matter to me. I will always be behind Christina as an excellence singer and entertainer.

Reading that article at Access Hollywood, it says that Chelsea stripped down to very little on the show in a way to apologize to Christina for making fun of her. I am not sure what they mean “down to very little” – as I did not see that show, and currently not seeing anything about it in google images search, or you tube. I would enjoy seeing Chelsea stripping down as well – she is pretty hot too. It would be cool if Christina was singing her stripped song or her Dirty song while that was going on, but I doubt that was the case.

I also noticed another article featured on the access Hollywood site that had some interview where Christina was discussing her nude album cover for her latest album “Lotus”. I had heard something about that a while back, but knowing that anything on a op album, nude or not, is only going to be but so sexual or arousing, So I never looked it up, as much as I enjoy how beautiful she is, I did not want to get excited about seeing her naked only to find the image and become disappointed. So today I did do an image search to see just why they are using it to make headlines, and found the album cover that says she is nude on it. Well you can’t see anything at all, not even the curve on an under breast. It’s just hips and hair, and art.

She had much sexier nude pictures in GQ magazine back in June 2006. Of course her images in the magazine are not going to create protests at record stores and prevent parents from buying the album. If she was that alluring on the album itself it might hurt sales, so I understand.

While researching this article, I did find that Christina has done a recent nude and sexy video – well it’s kind of nude – you still don’t see that much, but it’s certainly sexier and more alluring that her album cover. She did a video ad for her perfume Red Sin or something like that. Found the video (which is embedded from you tube currently) at the insider.

Unfortunately the days of the petite, super hot girl that starred in music videos such as Dirrty and Genie in a bottle may be only in the past. Either way, I will still dig her music, and I don’t watch music videos much these days anyhow, so Christina will always be on my list of top performers.

I hope to see at least part of the Chelsea / Christina interview, or at least an audio clip from it one of these days. IT was reported that Christina told Chelsea she looked hot when stripped own, and that it was empowering to be wearing next to nothing, and she supposedly said the words “pussy power” – I’d like to hear that coming from her lips. Maybe she could do a song about that, a kind of duet thing with lords of acid – well one can always dream right?