Chat Connection Issues

Having trouble connecting to our free adult chat rooms? Here are the most common problems and solutions for you.

Is there an error displayed?
If you try to connect and it says username or ip address is banned, then either you are trying to use a banned username (try a different username) – or your maybe you have been banned, or a range of ips that your internet service provider (ISP) allocates in your area is banned. In this case I suggest you take a look at all of the information on the kicked / banned from the chat room page.

If you are seeing an error such as “server sent no information” or something similar, there could be an issue with the way your computer is going through the internet to connect to our chat server. There are several possible causes and several possible solutions for this.

Have you tried accessing the chat using a different browser on your computer? Sometimes when there is an issue using Internet Explorer, if you switch over to Firefox or the Chrome broswer you will be able to connect just fine. If that is the case, then you definitely need to update your java and flash, and perhaps your browser of choice as well.

Make sure you update Java and update Adobe Flash.

If your system can not run Java and Flash, or does not have the most recent updates to these two plugins, then you will not be able to use our free adult chat rooms. Yes, this means that they will not work on the iPad, iPhone, and many other mobile and cellular devices such as android devices. I can not access the chat with my Android phone, but my brother can with his, I guess it runs some version of java, as to where my android device simply will not.

If you are seeing a blank screen, or just an empty blue box where the chat should be – you probably need to update your java and adobe flash plugins.

It is very important to have the latest updates to your java and flash plugins.

Even if the chat used to work for you before, without the latest updates to java and flash, computer security may prevent access. So please update your java and flash.

You may need to restart your computer.

If you have updated your java and your flash, and restarted your computer, and still can not access the chat then we need to look at some other possible issues.

Can you access the chat with a different computer at the same location?
Can you access the chat with the same computer with a different internet connection?

There could be something with your computer, or your router blocking access to our chat rooms. The adult chat rooms here require a two way open connection, and permissions for java to use this two way communication. First thing I would do to alleviate this is to (temporarily) turn off your firewall and try to access the chat then. Many computer firewalls may prevent access. (Your home network router could have a firewall preventing access as well).

Try to temporarily disable your antivirus program and see if you can access the chat with it turned off.

If you can get into the chat room with your firewall or antivirus program turned off, then we know what the issue is – there may be some way to add an exception for our chat system in your firewall, router, or antivirus software – or you may want to consider choosing a better anti-virus / firewall combo. (We suggest either microsoft security essentials with windows firewall turned on, or kaperksy internet security suite – both of which are very good at securing your system, and allowing the two connection for our chat server to work.

Is there some kind of parental control software on your computer or filtering software that could be blocking access from your network? Some computers, and some network routers (at home and at work) have filtering / access control that may block our site because it is adult in nature.

If you are still having trouble accessing the chat rooms, then try to plug your computer directly into your internet connection (bypassing the router) – you may need to restart your cable modem / DSL modem and restart your computer.

There could be other things preventing access as well, it could be that the internet relays from your city and the hops that the connection needs to make simply are too weak at the moment to establish a good enough connection to make the chat work. This occurs quite often for our users who access from Africa and countries near the African continent.

There is a chance our web server is bogged down, and you may need to check back in about an hour.

There could be a block going on in your country or who knows what else around the internet.
Basically if you have updated everything, and tried to access using different computers or different internet connections – and one way works and the other doesn’t, then it’s an issue with your system or your connection. If you can not access from home or an internet cafe and using different computers, then maybe something else is going on.

This page will be updated with more information in the future.

There are known connection issues for people who use Hughes net, or similar satellite internet connection services. While the satellite internet connections are great for fast downloads, our chat server requires a decent speed of upstream as well as downstream connections, and they need to be in sync in order for the chat to work properly – this is sometimes a challenge for the satellite ISPs.

3 thoughts on “Chat Connection Issues”

  1. Hi, I keep getting a message when I try to connect saying my IP address is banned but I cant understand why as I dont hink I’ve done anything wrong. Is there a way I can reconnect?

    1. Ian – this is a really old ban from so long ago that the reasons have been erased. I could try to go through some old encrypted files to find reasons – but that would take weeks… if you were to get verified here then the ban could be released (have to make sure the ban was not placed for an age verify reason).

      Also – have you thoroughly read all the rules to make sure that one of the chat moderators could of perceived something you were doing as being in violation of one of the rules?

  2. Hi,
    Last Friday I tried to enter the free sex chat and instead got a message (after waiting awhile) saying “connection timed out”. I waited a few days to see if it would fix on its own but hasn’t. I’ve even checked to see if my Java and Adobe are up to date, but its still not working. I checked it today and now it says “the server refused the connection” so now i’m really confused. Please help.

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