Money Power Sex

There is a lot more to to be said about the money, and the power that comes with it, and the sex that comes with the power and many. It is no surprise to me that Arnold was recently outted for having extra marital affairs and for years and keeping it a secret.

It’s also not surprising that guys like Elliot spitzer and


others who move up into positions of power and decent money are caught up in sex scandals. I think there should be more said about the woman who engage men that are money and power players as well.


IT seems that our society forgives and expects men of power and money to have sex on the side relations with other women. It’s hardly ever a surprise it seems to find a guy that is banging the hired help on the side (like the governor in Nevada), or hiring prostitutes, or having celebrity sex symbols singing happy birthday to you mr president in front of the whole nation. There is much to be said about the women you suck up to (and suck off) money and power men (sugar daddies are you?) – and the women who tolerate this behavior.

You don’t see thousands of people up in arms about spitzer being on CNN do you (or have we and I missed it?) – Sure politicians are often forced to resign amid a sex scandal, but they often end up with better jobs that offer even more moral flexibility, sometimes with more money (And thus more power and more pussy). I am sure there are some research papers and writings about some of these things, I’d like to put them together here and discuss these issues more in the comments. Feel free to add your thoughts!