Adult chat at work – learn from Weiner sex scandal

I really hope that people will wake up and realize that it’s one thing to engage in adult chat online, or sexual conversations through the social networks, or twitter, and even sexting with your cell phones, but when you are doing it at work, do it right, or do not do it at all. After years of sex scandals popping up in the news, it blows me away that someone like Weiner would be engaging in dirty conversations with people from around the world, while at work in the united state government. sex-work-xerox-security-cam-caught Hopefully the rest of the world will wake up and either stop sexting at work, or do it smarter!

I think it is of no surprise that people who are in position of power, or fame, or gets lots of money are often offered lots of sexual gratification from many different women (and men) – and really, I think a majority of America does not really care if you are rich and or powerful if you have sex with multiple people, but doing it when you are on the clock, well that’s not much different than a local public service worker getting caught picking up a hooker in a city owned trick while on the clock.

With most of the world not really caring if you engaging in sex chat, or even slightly adult conversation with people in the virtual world, why abuse the freedom by doing it work? If you can not resist doing it work, then at least keep it just during your lunch break, or clock out first. It’s hard enough to untarnish your image when people find out you have been looking at or sending dirty pictures and messages online, it’s enough tougher if you find yourself without a job. copy-sex-xerox

If you must be in contact with a flirt affair or something at work, do not do it on the company phone, do not use the company computer, and do not leave evidence laying around your desk, the trash can, the water cool, or even other people’s inboxes. Use a different cell phone even! If you look at the details that came out of the Weiner sex scandal, you can clearly see that he did not follow that advice, and everybody should. My suggestion is this, play it safe, don’t have sex at work, even if it’s cyber sex or just cyber flirting.

When you use electronics to do dirty things at work, it’s just like having sex on the copier. Many years ago,  you might be able to get away with that after hours, or during the company holiday party. Back then you could take the copies with you and jerk off to them later, and most bosses wouldn’t freak out if you used up a few cents of the good card stock when you got it on. These days, those digital copiers not only shoot out a copy for you to take home, but they also keep another copy stored on a little hard drive. So if you get caught up in a sex scandal, Lisa in accounting may not even have the hard copies that you took home with you, but she will probably opt to show the dress with the cum stain and get a computer forensic analyst to pull the dirty pics so she can get her 15 minutes of fame, and maybe some cash for showing up on hard copy.

With so many ways of getting caught, it’s just not worth it. Security cameras are everywhere, the person on the other end might have a change of heart when things are not going as well, heck even an ex lover of your flirt interest might hack into her facebook or emails or phone texts and try to expose it to the world simply for revenge.  You never know what will happen. You also can’t count on the technology itself. sex-work-copier-technology

Twitter might notify you that your account info has been requested by investigators, but do you think that facebook is going to be able to retrieve and hand out messages and pics? Even deleted ones? You bet your ass they will. Your phone company is storing data on you and “even phone apps are providing messages that were deleted when investigations are made.” so are these other popular phone apps / messaging services as well. So just don’t do it. Save the dirty messaging for after work – heck even dirty messages you send your wife at work can be snooped on by your employer and that geek in the IT department, so keep your dick in your pants and keep it off of twitter – at least until you get home.