Rob Lowe – sex tape trailblazer

Sounds like the title to a new gonzo porn series featuring Rob Lowe as a “push the limits” adult film star or something doesn’t it? – rob-head-shot-news

From a news story via Reuters:

Rob Lowe is grateful for the leaked tape that showed him having sex with two women more than 20 years ago

It seems more of a tale about Rob trying to claim the “first celebrity sex tape” or something, and some blurbs about him joking around in his autobiography and in news interviews about wanting credit, or royalties for setting off the multi million dollar celebrity sex tape movement.

Lowe told Reuters in an interview on Tuesday it “was one of the best things that ever happened to me.”

The fallout from the video prompted the former high-flying Hollywood “Brat Packer” to take stock of his life and enter rehab for sex and alcohol addiction.

There have been many sex tapes made with celebrities and non celebrities around the world ever since the first video cameras were available. To say that Rob Lowe was a trailblazer in this media expression, I say it’s more of an issue of our world’s technological state at the time, along with every ones’ tolerance or sexual content in mainstream media. The success of future sex tapes has more to do with worldwide broadband internet distribution.

This worldwide and fast distribution of not just the videos themselves, but also the social / viral messaging use by the masses makes news of sex with well known people spread faster than a new bulletin interrupting an Oprah show. This makes it possible for new adult videos and controversies to spread quickly like wildfire. This may be a good thing for people like Rob, but for many others this quick spread of sexual imagery has cost jobs, relationships and emotional turmoil.

In Bangladesh a popular actress was fired and she went into hiding after a sex tape showing her was released. I think that if she had made a sex tape 20 years ago, then it would not have gotten around to so many people so quickly, and if news did arise of it, it might not even get published – which pretty makes it so that someone making a sex tape 20 years ago really did not have a lot major risk. These days making a sex tape, or even being caught on film for 1/100th of a second with your nipple or pubes showing, and the next day everyone in the world has seen a clip of it and talked about it.