Hungry in Tampa? Maybe hit the strip clubs

Found a story via yahoo that explains some of the highest health department ratings for clean kitchens in Tampa are found in several strip clubs in this Florida area. They found some of the cleaning kitchens at several strip clubs, including one strip that did not yet have a license to serve up food. It’s good to know that if you hit up the strip clubs there and decided to order food at least the kitchen is clean!

Hopefully the dances are dirtier than the kitchen. I also hope that people do not eat on the tip rail / pervert row, hopefully they only serve you food if you are several rows back, away from the stage. I can imagine that the smell of a top quality steak would make me want to order one – but then again it might make me hungry and just want to eat the next hot thing that came my way. Either way it’s good to know that I won’t have to plan two trips when going out next time I visit Tampa – just plan to hit up a couple clubs, get dinner and a show. I wonder if they are serving up hot desserts as well?