Video game laws bring mature 1st amendment discussions

A law preventing video game sales to those under 18 has brought about a great discussion.

I am glad to see so many smart people chiming in about this, and an excellent mature discussion has been created around content, expression, and the attempts to limit expression with new media and technology.

A few snips from the article, “Court: Why the First Amendment protects violent video games” :

The courts struck down a California law preventing the sale to minors of games involving “killing, maiming, dismembering or sexually assaulting an image of a human being.”

Adult chat at work – learn from Weiner sex scandal

I really hope that people will wake up and realize that it’s one thing to engage in adult chat online, or sexual conversations through the social networks, or twitter, and even sexting with your cell phones, but when you are doing it at work, do it right, or do not do it at all. After years of sex scandals popping up in the news, it blows me away that someone like Weiner would be engaging in dirty conversations with people from around the world, while at work in the united state government. sex-work-xerox-security-cam-caught Hopefully the rest of the world will wake up and either stop sexting at work, or do it smarter!

Money Power Sex

There is a lot more to to be said about the money, and the power that comes with it, and the sex that comes with the power and many. It is no surprise to me that Arnold was recently outted for having extra marital affairs and for years and keeping it a secret.

It’s also not surprising that guys like Elliot spitzer and



others who move up into positions of power and decent money are caught up in sex scandals. I think there should be more said about the woman who engage men that are money and power players as well.

Rob Lowe – sex tape trailblazer

Sounds like the title to a new gonzo porn series featuring Rob Lowe as a “push the limits” adult film star or something doesn’t it? – rob-head-shot-news

From a news story via Reuters:

Rob Lowe is grateful for the leaked tape that showed him having sex with two women more than 20 years ago

It seems more of a tale about Rob trying to claim the “first celebrity sex tape” or something, and some blurbs about him joking around in his autobiography and in news interviews about wanting credit, or royalties for setting off the multi million dollar celebrity sex tape movement.

The need for expanded STD testing hours

I recently read a very well done article about HIV in the Tennessean newspaper. It’s quite shocking to think that we have HIV rates increasing in young people today. With all of the prevention options, we are not seeing the amount of new infection decrease, but actually increase in people 15 – 24 years old. I think one of the ways of reversing this trend is to have expanded STD testing hours in the major cities.

Telecaregivers – video chat adult babysitters

A tele-caregiver, an interesting concept, with some creepy abilities. Having people watch your elderly parents may give you some piece of mind, and another way to do it is being offered in a big brother we’ll spy on your parents, so you don’t feel guilt, tele-caregiving service. At first glance it seems like an interesting idea, you parents have someone video conference with them everyday to make sure they are okay. Reading the details it seems like it may be a bit overkill, but I guess in some situations it would make sense.