The long deep, dirty, full body orgasming all out fuck sessions

The long deep, dirty, all holes, full body orgasming all out fuck sessions. I love those. The kind of sex when a woman is into long, drawn out, sex with multiple orgasms. I love to see a woman go from a little playing to deeper intimacy and feeling her entire body. Rubbing all of her skin, her tits, her pussy, and her ass. I enjoy being part of the sex, and sometimes just watching for a while.

orgasms ecstacy
orgasms ecstacy

It’s great to see a woman go through the stages of ecstasy. From the slow sensual and erotic, to hard hard and fast, heavy breathing and full body shaking of explosive orgasm. As much as I like to watch, it’s only good for me if I can join in at least once, and preferably a few times during a long drawn up and down, slow then fast, then slow then fast again sex session.

To see a woman explore every inch of her sexuality, to let go and feel and enjoy the pleasures of every nerve zone on her planet. Her entire body rubbed and experienced. To join in and add some cock while she fingers herself. Rubbing her clit, her breasts. To feel her thrust and and give her the support to easily experience what every angle, whatever pleasure she desires. To feel her legs shake as she achieves orgasm, and her get a lit bit higher, then slow it down and bring it back.

That’s on my mind right now. There’s much more of course, but I’m keeping the details to myself. Any ladies that would like to jump into this fantasy, please hit me up on my dating profile and let’s chat!