Relationship matures, so does the chat

So after spending a few years together, mainly focused on the sex and things we liked about each other, we moved. We learned a lot about each other during and after the moving process, it’s like it forced us to deal with each other as adults and not be so focused on the sex and fun. It was trying, moving is stressful, and moving with the one you love, well all kinds of cussing and other not-so-mature words and phrases are going to slip out during the process. Mature realization

Moving and banging into to things, and hurting your knuckles and back are bad enough, but after the move, and it’s time to organize and redeploy art and stuff, things got really serious. Suddenly we had to debate things that we liked and didn’t like, and did so on a purely adult level. No being nice and coy, no making amends simply because you want to keep your nightly sex partner happy, this time it was real. Suddenly, we found out that we did not have that much in common when it comes to decorating, and other priorities as well.

It was quite startling to see that we both had very different priorities on several things – orders that things get done.  Quite stressful and interesting to see that we did not really have as much in common outside the bedroom. Very interesting situation to find ourselves in after dating for a couple years. More on this later.

[ Image from omigoddess ]

This is kind of what happens after a few months of being in a rebound relationship. One day we just woke up and realized that we did not know each other that well, and perhaps we had not made the best choice for such a long term relationship.