Really dirty women – less talk more action

I really love the really dirty girls that I have known over the years. The really dirty girls seem to talk less about sex and wild fantasies, they are the ones doing it, and not bragging about it. You hear this a lot about men, the ones that are boasting about wild sex-capades are usually describing tall tales rather than reality. I have found this to be true of many of the really dirty girls I have known as well.

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Most of the really down and dirty girls I have known keep it more on the down low. Not that it’s a huge secret they never talk about, surely they do exude some sexuality and flirtatiousness here and there, but you wouldn’t just look at them and think, “Yeah that girl is into some freaky fucking, she really enjoys anal, and wants multiple orgasms in multiple positions, sex toys, and more.” – You might think, or at least I certainly thought, that these girls were fairly reserved, and probably would take many dates and serious relationships to get them to even give it up. Normally when I think of reserved women like that, I do not think that they are ready for some sex toys enhanced DP action, and ready to watch some hardcore porn while getting fucking from behind so you can both see.

The really dirty girls I have known and loved did for the most part have that slightly coy, and lady in public kind of persona. Boy was I blown away to find them asking for anal fucking and ready to explore naughtier sex with things like watching porn and talking about doing the positions and sex acts contained within. I love the girls who are not afraid to open themselves up to all kinds of carnal pleasures behind closed doors. Sure there are those freaks who are totally out there, girls like Belladonna and Tory Lane, but I have really enjoyed many happy smiles thinking about the truly nasty little sluts that are hiding beneath the surface of some of the nicest girls I have known.

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I mean, if you ran into Bobbi Star, or Mya Nichole, and they were in some plain Jane clothes and shopping in the grocery store, would you think in your head that they are some really dirty girls who are opening up their assholes while getting fucking and having pussy juice and cum squirted into their gaping assholes? Probably not. So here is my salute to you, all you dirty girls, your multi-orgasmic ecstasy makes me happy in the pants just thinking about. If you ever want to talk about some kinky sex – don’t bother. If you want to so some really dirty deeds, hit me up.