avoid dangers of jumping into 50 shades of bondage and submission

Surely people will do some research and look online for information about any 50 shades branded stuff, and hopefully avoid any cheap or dangerous items if they are serious about having some real (and safe) domination in their own bedrooms. 50-Shades-of-Grey-CoverI was glad to see that the article from SFGate mentioned that the type of rope Mr Grey orders in the book may not be the best choice for those who are looking to get into to some bondage play. Not sure I would take the advice given by the hardware store manager either though.

Hungry in Tampa? Maybe hit the strip clubs

Found a story via yahoo that explains some of the highest health department ratings for clean kitchens in Tampa are found in several strip clubs in this Florida area. They found some of the cleaning kitchens at several strip clubs, including one strip that did not yet have a license to serve up food. It’s good to know that if you hit up the strip clubs there and decided to order food at least the kitchen is clean!

Progress sucks sometimes – we roll with it

When reading about the problems others face with progress it is often an un-emotional story unless there is something about it that affects us individually. Progress in the rain forests destroying native habits seems no big deal until the connection of weather issues that affect us where we are. The rainforest devastation is not a huge deal until you see the movie medicine man and realize there was a possible cure for HIV found in one of the rain forest areas that was destroyed. There are many types of progress in the world that we probably do not give enough attention to.

A few men chime in on sex-ting

Saw an interesting article about what men really thing about sexting that was in the front page news feed at yahoo. I clicked to check it out later, and finally made time to check it out. I was expecting some kind of cosm-for-men type of large survey, but was disappointed that it was really just a few paragraphs from what three guys said about sending sexy sms messages.

smart phones make sexting easy

smart phones make sexting easy

HPV treatment with shots showing promise from Kenter of the Leiden University study

With the CDC estimating that 50% of people will acquire HPV in their lifetime, the odds are pretty high that if you or your sexual partner have already been exposed to HPV and may be contagious, whether they know it or not. About 10% of women who are exposed to the HPV (with strains being labeled as simply genital warts) having the internal warts turning to cancerous legions that require various types of surgeries and other painful procedures to treat and limit the damage in the vagina – it’s a pretty serious issue. When I first started reading the news story about this new HPV study, I had thought I was reading about another vaccine that may be able to be used for men, not the case, but it does appear that this vaccine treatment is very effective in treating women for the harsh HPV after they have been exposed to it.

Video game laws bring mature 1st amendment discussions

A law preventing video game sales to those under 18 has brought about a great discussion.

I am glad to see so many smart people chiming in about this, and an excellent mature discussion has been created around content, expression, and the attempts to limit expression with new media and technology.

A few snips from the article, “Court: Why the First Amendment protects violent video games” :

The courts struck down a California law preventing the sale to minors of games involving “killing, maiming, dismembering or sexually assaulting an image of a human being.”