Telecaregivers – video chat adult babysitters

A tele-caregiver, an interesting concept, with some creepy abilities. Having people watch your elderly parents may give you some piece of mind, and another way to do it is being offered in a big brother we’ll spy on your parents, so you don’t feel guilt, tele-caregiving service. At first glance it seems like an interesting idea, you parents have someone video conference with them everyday to make sure they are okay. Reading the details it seems like it may be a bit overkill, but I guess in some situations it would make sense.

Apparently this company sets up motion detectors inside the house and can give you data about your elderly parents that includes how many times they opened a refrigerator, and how much time was spent in the bathroom. Reading this article at the Christian Science Monitor makes me think that things have gotten a little too technological, when there are more logical solutions. I could see someone going this over bearing route if there was genuine concern about them living okay every day, but I do not think that the average senior is in that much danger, and if so, wouldn’t a nursing home be the wiser decision? Maybe this is a cheaper option, I am not sure, but certainly there are other ways to make life safer and more comfortable. big_brother_video-watching-adults

I know they say the trend is to want to stay at home, and make things work there instead of moving to a retirement community, but personally I would rather have some close friends who keep up with my daily hellos than to have to have an online babysitter watching my every move. Recording data about my bathroom time and refrigerator plundering is not going to do much good for my overall well being. Maybe it would make people happy to know this info, but I would rather have a friend walk over and see for themselves that I am not overeating, and that I am still eating.

Is someone who is keeping on eye on me, and getting paid to care about how my day is going, really going to have my best interest in mind, or are they just getting paid to read some lines? How long before there is a knockoff company that employs some people in India to video chat with me all in the name of  caring. How many people will be reading lines, and how long before those human interactions are replaced by a chat bot from Russia. Certainly that would be better than having an airline traffic controller falling asleep while pretending to care about my safety.

I do look forward to some of the other cool technology that will make senior living better, things like testers in toilets that can instantly tell you if you blood sugar is too high, or you need to cut back on the salt. Personally I hope to find enough real life friends through the sex chat rooms to have some video chat friends who care about me for being not, not because they are getting paid to babysit.

Of course there are plenty of added bonuses with this kind of thing, the motion sensors and video cameras may catch a would be burglar, even if it is your cousin Ed poaching the deviled eggs from the fridge. I wonder if the tele-caregivers will be sharing videos of granny getting it on in the kitchen with the plumber. If grandma ends up making a sex tape we may find out how much the adult babysitters are really watching. I bet they will see more pants down moments than catching anything else. We’ll see.