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Privacy Policy

Adult Chat Adult Chat takes your privacy very seriously. You will see from the information presented below that we are not only defenders of free speech, but also highly encourage people to take their online privacy as seriously as we do.

Info that adult chat adultchat collects:

Our web site automatically records the standard usage statistics data that most web sites online automatically collect. Your IP address, the web page that you came from, the search term you used to find us (if you used a search engine to find out site), and the other basic data such as what browser you are using and some other basic info is collected by almost every web site on the internet.

People who choose to use our free adult chat rooms, forums area, blog area (comments and such) may have additional information logged by our web server as well. Any information that you enter into the blog comments area, or forums sections, is stored so that that web site can redisplay the information to the admins or other users. When you make a comment in the blog area, our web server will ask for your email address as a step to avoid spammers and scammers from abusing the service. If you enter a valid email address in one of the fields in the blog area to make a comment, that address is stored so that the next time you comment the process of getting you comment approved is faster. You can also benefit from a reply via email if you choose to receive those, and if you have a gravatar or other online avatar associated with your email address it may display along with your screen name you entered in this area. Our blog comment section and forums section also keeps a log of ip addresses, and time / date of submission so that our anti-spam filters can block comments that are purely spam.

Email addresses and other personal information

We do not rent or sell email addresses, or other user information with other companies or people as a general rule. There are a few instances where we may deem it necessary in order to protect users or the site administrators from threats, or theft of services, or if we are served with a court order, we may need to hand over user information that has been logged. After being online for several years, we have never needed to do such a thing, except in a few isolated cases in which we needed to file anti-spam cease and desist complaints against spammers that were trying to spam our chat rooms. Not to say that something different couldn’t happen in the future, so know it could happen - but also know that we are not one of those companies that try to get people’s info so that we can sell, rent, or give it away to spammers or anyone else that wants it. Like twitter, we will attempt to notify any users if a request for their information has been made, unless we are served with an order that would prevent us from being able to do that legally.

Information you enter into the chat rooms

Our web server does not currently (and never has) recorded the chat conversation of users. To be completely transparent, our free text chat rooms for adults is a shared system - it is shared by a few other web sites or ours. When using our free text chat rooms you will be able to mix and mingle with users from a few other web sites as well, but we do own and maintain this chat system. This system is not hosted by a third party like you find at many other chat sites on the internet these days.

Even though our web server does not actively record the chats or long term logging or storage, there are times when one of our moderators may decide to save a chat log in order for us to investigate any rule breaking, or possible rule breaking, or issues that we feel as admins or moderators need to discuss for consideration of rule changes or other site changes. While this may happen on occasion, it’s very rare.

When you use our free text chat rooms, there are sometimes moderators or site admins that will be able to access the chat rooms and see what you and others or typing. We try to keep an eye out for rule breakers, and sometimes we will do that under alias names or as invisible admins. We can enter password protected user created rooms, although doing that is only in extremely rare circumstances. Please be aware that other people you are chatting with, or other people in the room as you will also be able to record / log your chats and chat history - so never type anything in a public chat room that you would regret seeing come up in court or on the local news.

Our chat room moderators have agree to abide by a strict set of moderator guidelines, but please realize that they are human, and can make mistakes. We take the moderation responsibilities very seriously, but know that we do not have total control over these volunteer moderators, and they are not employees or contractors. Many of the moderators are in and from different countries around the world - so if you have some issue with that, we are letting you know.

Although the chat system does not record the user information or chat history of most users, if someone was thought to be breaking the rules, our chat system may record your IP Address and screen name, along with a ban reason. So anyone suspected of breaking the rules may have additional information logged by our moderators for discussion about a ban being fair or not, and the chat system will keep a log of the user information to prevent them from re-accessing the chat rooms.

If you choose to use the free text chat rooms here, you will also be considered to be understanding and complete agreement to the privacy and information sharing policy of sex chat sexchat dot com. As well as the terms and conditions that are posted there, and the sex chat etiquette and rules posted there as well.

Non personally identifiable information sharing

We may on occasions talk business with people and offer info like “We had 1,000 google chrome users last week” - or other similar broad based demographics with advertisers or potential business partners. This basic information about general usage statistics in no way threatens anyone’s privacy, but I want us to be as transparent as possible.

Third party ads and scripts

On some parts of our web site we may serve up an advertisement from a third party. We try to minimize this by hosting banners for third parties on our servers as much as possible. However some of the fancier ads that include flash, or for example show a list of girls that are currently live online and showing themselves on cam from other adult cam portals require us to pull in ads from third party servers. When this happens that third party servers will be able to record a “hit” and will have access to your browser type, what page you are on, your ip address, an perhaps some other basic info such as that.

In some ways this can be seen as a “web beacon”, and most commercial web sites employ this type of third party ad serving, just like when you see google ads on a home improvement blog page, or when you see facebook bars, or add this and share buttons on commercial web sites - generally these things are served by and hosted from third party servers that can technically record your web activity to some degree. Some of those ad services are quite scary in the way they track and combine data about people.

I suggest going over to this web site and checking out the info that many of these places are recording about you and perhaps opt-out of their information combining networks.

All of the advertisers that we use here on our site are legit companies. You would of course need to click over to their sites to see what their privacy policy and cookie policy is to be sure how they collect and secure any information. Most of the advertisements we use here are with companies that have been up and running for years, and have been good about privacy - if you have any concerns about any, please let us know.


We don’t use cookies much, but may get into that more in the future. Some of our third party advertisers may use cookies to track sales and user preferences.

How we secure the data

We secure the data by trying to collect as little as possible first and foremost. We have a good tech team that tried to keep our web server, our web site, and the associated components up to date as much as possible. We also offer a reward to anyone that finds a security vulnerability with our web site, or any site or portion of a site on our web server.

Privacy policy changes

We do hope to update the information posted here, and make changes as are necessary - when we do we will post the changes on this page. No other notice will be posted anywhere else on the site in most cases.



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