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There are several great places to enjoy video chat with hot girls and guys online today. Pretty much whatever your favorite type of girl or guy can be found online 24 hours a day, from all over the world girls and guys are sharing thier erotic fantasies and thier web cam video feeds through several great adult chat portals.

These are some of our favorite places to find girls who are sharing their live video right now:

One of our favorite places to enjoy video chat with live sexy girls is the Live Jasmine video chat portal. For years this network has had lots of women, men and couples sharing thier live video 24 hours a day. Over the years the video quality has gotten better, and the audio is great as well. This is one of the first places that we enjoyed full screen video, even in the free chat rooms as well. live-jasmine-adult-video-chat-free-girls-480

In Oct 2012 we saw a huge change in the display with this network. More girls one the main page, and when you hover over each of the thumbnail pictures you can see the live video without having to click over to the next page.

This is a great way to see what the girl really looks like today, so you don’t get fooled by old pictures. The live video preview when you hover is a great new feature, and when you click to get a bigger view, you get a very large video window to watch that fills up most of the screen.

The video quality is great in the free video chat room, and even better if you go into private chat with one of the ladies. It has been advertised that Live Jasmine’s new layout also works well on most mobile and tablet devices, including the iPad.

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Video on the web has come a long way, and live streaming video is incredible these days, some girls share the audio feed along with the high quality video when chatting live - we love it! Finding hot cam girls is one thing, there are plenty online 24 hours a day, but finding the perfect portal that offers top notch audio and video quality is a challenge at times.

When a cam girl is sharing her live video online, connection quality does largely depends her equipment and connection at home, but just as important is the computer systems and network infrastructure of the cam portal itself. It could vary depending on what part of the world you are in, or the time of day and the associated internet traffic. Of course the individual girl’s internet connection, lighting, and computer power can make a difference as well, but the portal itself is an important aspect of the video quality you can get. It is easy for a basic live cam portal to get bogged down, and not be able to handle the hundreds of live video connections with so many people trying to watch live at the same time.

Fortunately there are some great places with state of the art equipment and excellent internet connections that are able to support the massive popularity of live girls online. Sometimes I have found that taking a girl into “private show” or one on one live cam, the video quality gets better; much smoother, and looks perfect even at full screen. Of course to enjoy full screen perfect live video with good audio, your own computer and internet connection must be good as well. Having a decent computer with a broadband internet connect makes a big difference!

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