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Adult dating, and adult chat go hand in hand. Some people may prefer the match making sites where site emails are sent and received, but eve with those services if you get more serious about actually dating you will end up chatting whether it be in a text chat room, or on the phone before you get together for a date. Sure there are some super busy people out there that may skip the whole phone and chat and just meet up for lunch to see if there is any connection to be made. I do think however that a majority of the people who decide to date when they meet online will do some chatting before decided to MIRL (meet in real life).

We have seen dozens of people who make a connection in our free adult chat rooms on site end up in relationships offline, meeting up in real life. These situations are generally the exception, and not the rule. Mainly due to the global nature of our chat system, most of the people who really hit it off in the chat are just too far away from each other to get into any kind of offline dating. This is probably  good thing, as those who engage in regular conversations and even online online relationships in the chat rooms find it easier to maintain that inline relationship and fantasy without reality getting in the way.

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So if so few people actually end up real life dating after meeting in our global chat room, where do we go to find others who will be closer to where we are, and may be looking to date. I suggest trying to get more local. This doesn’t mean that you have to find someone else in your exact city or town - but try to find others who are in your state, or neighboring states, then get into a few chats with them and see how things go.

I have really enjoyed the dating chat system that adult friend finder has set up. Certainly the first time you join it, it’s overwhelming seeing so many profiles of people looking to hookup. Once you are inside the members area, you can start to browse through profiles of others who are in your state or surrounding states and see some basic info about them. Once you get used to navigating the site, and messaging a few people to see if they are actually online at the moment, and inviting others to join you in one of the AFF chat rooms at a certain time in the future, it’s easy to get some conversations going about what things you have in common. Since this is the Adult Finder site, no one is ever offending if the conversation goes quickly into the kinds of sexual things you are looking for in a compatible date.

There are some other hot and adults focused sights that we check out when looking for new girls to date - these include adults only space, and a few others I will write another in another article.


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