Texas for most sex, Maine for least adult fun – study

I found an article via cbs news that talks about a study done that shows Austin Texas is number one for sexually active adults, and several other cities in Texas also scored high according the report. Maine apparently came in last in the study – but I am sure that population had some to do with that, and looking at the study, it may not be conclusive that adults in the northern state have less sex, but perhaps they are more private about sex toy purchases, talking about sex, and going to the std clinic.

The survey determined the bedroom barometers by using census birth rates, sales of sex toys and condoms, and rates of sexually transmitted diseases.

Also from the article:

…Being the “king of sex” means high condom sales, but also high rates of STDs.

“Sure, it’s a positive to see that we are being smart about sex,” said Andrew Schnitker, a senior broadcast major. “But nobody wants to be the city with the most STDs…

You can never be sure how accurate any study is when it comes to sex, or other adult topics. Many people are apt to not answer questions at all, or only answer some honestly. Going by things like sex toy sales and amount of STDs treated is a great barometer, as it doesn’t put someone on the spot to answer questions like a phone survey. Even then the results are not 100% accurate, it’s easy to believe that people in some places do not buy as many sexy things in person and choose to order online where their shopping habits may not be as accessible to magazines doing a study.

I do think it makes sense that it is probably easier to get laid in the college towns of Texas than in the sleepy cold towns of Maine, and if I had to choose between the two states, I certainly would consider the amount of adults only activities that are going on in each,

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3 Responses to Texas for most sex, Maine for least adult fun – study

  1. chat slut says:

    I have had the pleasure of having sex with at least two girls from Texas, and they were both beautiful, with a strong sex drive. Not sure if there is something in the water down there, or it’s just the amount of yang energy the state gets with all that sunshine. Perhaps it has a lot to do with the strong conservitive lifestyle of many areas there that makes youn adults rebel and seek out what has been repressed for so long.
    Either way, I am sure a lot of it has to do with so many colleges and the size of them. 3 am guessing that Texas has many more college students than Maine. With all those young adults getting together in close proximity, certainly conversations about sex are going to be frequent. I love women that choose to open up and experiment, and there seems to be a lot of them in college towns like Austin.

  2. chat slut says:

    A story like this makes me want to go back to college, in Texas. With all those woman who are ready to get it on, certainly there will be some that are ready for some mature conversation and sexual experimentation. I’d be happy to help teach all them college women more about sex. Maybe I should offer to teach some extra carriculum classes about tantra. Sounds like they need some more adult education to get the std rates down a bit.
    Plenty of girl times happening down there. I’d liketo make them more fun and safe. If any gals want to chat about that, just comment here and let’s hok up.

  3. Ajeesh says:

    Thanks, to both of you.Ian, I actually can’t remember many times I’ve been called a slut or a whore. I think this is because I’m so open about my sex life- I define myself, as a confidant sex-positive woman before people have the chance to label me as slutty. If someone listening to me talk about the great sex I had last night interrupted with a comment like isn’t that kind of skanky? they would probably look a lot less comfortable with themselves than me. On occasion though, I do get reactions like this and I usually respond with something along the lines of Heck yes it was skanky! and I see nothing wrong with that at all, coupled with a huge smile. So I think my approach is generally to address the negative comment by illustrating a way that it might not actually be that negative.I will say however that even though people don’t call me a slut or ask my friends if I’m kind of slutty?’ it’s totally possible there is a world full of people talking about me when I’m not around. Which is, you know, why I want to turn everyone into a feminist. 😉