The new java chat rooms launch today

For those of you who are using the free java chat rooms we have here, you have noticed that we have launched a major upgrade today. There are some great new features in the backend that allow our new chat program to handle more users, and to filter out the spammers faster and easier. Many users will find that the new chat room has some limitations, and it may be frustrating at first, but I think everyone will get use to it in no time.

Th biggest complaints I am sure will be that the Pms or private messages will no longer open in a “pop up” window. They now open in a tab, and this prevents everyone from chatting in a private message window, while being able to see the main room. I myself find that a bit annoying, but it really is necessary in order to keep the chat room functioning smoothly for everyone. I am sure that many of you have had issues when multiple pms pop up, and hopefully those issues will now be resolved.

Another big complaint will certainly be that you can not change your screen name color. I know, this sucks, but hey, we will making it easier for everyone to add their own custom avatar next to your name, so that should alleviate that issue soon.

We are still working on other upgrades for our chat systems. A new java / flash chat system is currently in development that will have many more features. For now this upgrade is necessary for our system to handle the load of users we are getting. Look for new features coming in the next couple of  months.

We welcome your feedback in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “The new java chat rooms launch today”

  1. Ver cool! There are some things that I like about the chat room very much. The new alpha listing of the users is awesome. Certainly this makes it easy to find the people I want to private message with.
    I do miss the smileys or emoticons that we had with the older system. I also miss that private chats do not pop up in a pop up window. Overall however I do like the feel of the new system. Thanks for taking thetime to make this place better for everyone, and keeping free.

    1. As soon as she said she would sit on your face, you stood up and walked away. You should’ve laid down right there, weirdo!

  2. Well I do like the new adult chat rooms. I took the advice of one of the moderators and changed the settings so it does not show people entering / leaving the room. Now I find I can keep up with the ongoing conversations better. It blows my mind that there are so many people inthe chat rooms 24 hours a day. I can log on anytime and find people who are interesting in all kinds of adult conversations. It’s great! Thanks!

  3. Thanks so much for explaining some of the chabges to the chat room. I have really enjoyed this site for a long time. ItZs a great place to find other adults who are looking to have a good conversation I have met many great mature people here, and have established some great relationships online thanks to this free place for us to conregate.

  4. After using the new adult chat room system here, I have found that using the whipser function is my favorite way to private message. I enjoyed the old system with the pop up windows so I could private message and see the lobby at the same time. With the new system that is not possible when you go to the new tabbed private chat window. Using the whisper function however does make it possible.
    I find the whisper function gives me the ability to private chat with another user, and I can still see the main lobby chat room. What I found recently is that you can highlight and use ctrl-c to copy the command for /msg nickname. Then when I want to whisper again, I hit ctrl-v to paste the /msg user, this makes it faster an easier to keep a private conversation going.
    I’m still not liking the new emoticons or smileys, but I definitely enjoy the fact that there are less of the anoying robots popping in.

  5. you should make this chat site better give us a profile a friends list kinda like yahoo but only like it was back in the 90’s give us cam’s photo’s i hope you get my drift think about it or just do it

    1. I love your idea about making this an even better place for adult chat and more. We are currently working with and testing two systems that will integrate all of those things at once! I hope you will join us when we go live / public with the new features!

  6. I cannot access the site at all. When I click to go to the sign in page there is nothing there…the entire middle of the screen is empty.

    1. In order to use the free adult chat rooms here, you must have the latest and greatest version of java and the adobe flash player. From what I understand, as of right now the apple Ipad, the Iphone, and several other mobile devices are unable to run flash at this time. Maybe Apple and Adobe and Google will get their shit together and make everything compatible one day. The last time I checked about 98% of all computers could run java and flash – but the proliferation of these tablets and mobile internet devices is leaving a lot of compatibility issues unresolved. We are looking into html5 options to see if they would somehow bridge this gap that is widening – but I am not even sure that is going to fix the issues that some users are encountering.

      If you are using a computer that has the latest version of java and flash, then you may need to look at your firewall to see if there is an issue there that would be blocking the neccessary port connection for you to have the two way back and forther communication with the adult chat server that is necessary.

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