Adults only talk hard to come by sometimes

For many years I lived in an adults only world. There were never and kids around, never anyone under 18. I could talk to everyone completely uncensored, I never had to worry about what I was saying or doing for the most part. Recently I have gotten a taste of what many other people must have to deal with though, and it’s an eye opener that makes me realize that having open, adults only conversations may sometimes be difficult throughout the day for many people, and most of the time.

My new GF has a son that visits on the weekends, so I have been learning to censor what I say when he is around. I also found myself with a roommate who has moved his GF in, and she has two teenagers, so now most of the day and night we have to tip toe around adult subjects and censor what we say. Living like this for a few months has given me a glimpse of what it must be like for most people.

Not being able to talk openly about many subjects, I imagine that many people keep things bottled up that really should be discussed. I guess this is the reasons that adults only social networks and adult chat rooms are so popular these days. I understand the need to keep some conversations away from the younger ears, but adults also need to set aside time when they can talk about mature issues, and often waiting until bed time is not the best time for such important discussions.

Many times by the time we retire to the bedroom we are so tired, worn out and stressed out, that having a discussion about sexual issues, or other important adult stuff may not be the best time. We also seem to have so many other important things going on with our lives that sexual health and well being is often written off as an unnecessary pleasure that we simply can not dedicate much time to. This really needs to change. Just like many relationship experts suggest that you pen in a date, block off time each week just for taking care of the primary partner in the relationship, we also need to pen in time for important conversations. Waiting until the wee hours of the night is not the best option for that in my humble opinion.

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  1. Now that I have read your story, I see it everyday. All day and most of the night I have to censor myself in conversations, and even what I read ad watch. Mainly because you have to be careful who is around, or who might come around. Having an uncensored sexual or other adult discussion really is reserved for places like this site.
    It’s too bad we can’t be more open all the time, but it certainly makes me appreciate places like this blog, forums, and uncensored chat rooms.
    Thanks again!
    Chat slut

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