Hustler loses a round in fair use of news anchor’s image in mag

I was quite surprised when reading a recent story via Reuters that says “Hustler loses appeal over news-anchor photo” – I assume that this will be appealed again and that another jury or set of judges will change the verdict in this case. Now if someone will send me a copy of the Feb 2006 issue so I can have a closer look at the magazine and see how they reached this conclusion in the first. My initial thought is that perhaps since this case was debated in Ohio where the jury may have had an emotional connection with a local news woman and wanted to punish anyone republishing her photo – legal or not. Of course at the moment I am merely going by a few news stories I have read, and I am not familiar with all the details of this case.

Adult chat at work – learn from Weiner sex scandal

I really hope that people will wake up and realize that it’s one thing to engage in adult chat online, or sexual conversations through the social networks, or twitter, and even sexting with your cell phones, but when you are doing it at work, do it right, or do not do it at all. After years of sex scandals popping up in the news, it blows me away that someone like Weiner would be engaging in dirty conversations with people from around the world, while at work in the united state government. sex-work-xerox-security-cam-caught Hopefully the rest of the world will wake up and either stop sexting at work, or do it smarter!