Like hot dog stands, adult toys via sidewalk vending

They blame it on the popularity of the 50 shades of grey book series, sales are up, and interest in sex toys from trojan vibrators to cuffs and rope has skyrocketed. adult toys sidewalk cartoon So much interest in fact, that Trojan was able to setup up pleasure carts in Manhattan recently and give away thousands of vibrators. The vibrator pleasure carts we attracting so much attention that they needed to be shut down temporarily and were directed to acquire special permits (as reported by sfgate / San Fransisco chronicle) – but then they were back on the street handing out new vibrations to all the adults who wanted to get their hands on them.

avoid dangers of jumping into 50 shades of bondage and submission

Surely people will do some research and look online for information about any 50 shades branded stuff, and hopefully avoid any cheap or dangerous items if they are serious about having some real (and safe) domination in their own bedrooms. 50-Shades-of-Grey-CoverI was glad to see that the article from SFGate mentioned that the type of rope Mr Grey orders in the book may not be the best choice for those who are looking to get into to some bondage play. Not sure I would take the advice given by the hardware store manager either though.

Gizmodo talks about cosmo’s sex positions app

It seems that everyone wants to talk about sex, except Apple, which severely limits an kind of sexual apps that people can get through the iphone store. Well gizmodo did a post about the new cosmo sex position of the day app that is now available through the iphone app store, and how Apple seems to be playing favorites with big names publishers. I haven’t seen the app or any of the illustrations that come with it, but I am betting that even the drawn sex positions will be PG rated.

Cosmo sex position iphone app

Cosmo sex position iphone app