Some sex mistakes women make from Niecy Nash – yahoo video

When I see a headline like “Sex mistakes women make – and there are women in the thumbnail pic, I can’t help myself, I have to click to see. I have been disappointed in the past with some of the little video clips from the “Let’s talk about love series” that yahoo and Niecy Nash have released – but it’s been more about the headline stating something big, yet the content is simple, and just a few opinions instead of some of the more wider known facts. Well this recent video where Mrs. Nash brings up some of the bigger mistakes that many women make when it comes to sexual activity is spot on.

A few men chime in on sex-ting

Saw an interesting article about what men really thing about sexting that was in the front page news feed at yahoo. I clicked to check it out later, and finally made time to check it out. I was expecting some kind of cosm-for-men type of large survey, but was disappointed that it was really just a few paragraphs from what three guys said about sending sexy sms messages.

smart phones make sexting easy

smart phones make sexting easy

When a woman feels like being a dirty whore

There aint’ nothin’ you can do about it. Kind of like the R Kelly song. When a girl feels like being dirty, and is super horny and into it- there ain’t a lot you can do about it. IF she decided she is going to get dirty and get off, she can do it with you, she can do it all by herself, or she might find some other people to do it with. Either way, when a woman’s mind is set to get some dirty sex, she is generally going to get exactly what she wants.

Adults only talk hard to come by sometimes

For many years I lived in an adults only world. There were never and kids around, never anyone under 18. I could talk to everyone completely uncensored, I never had to worry about what I was saying or doing for the most part. Recently I have gotten a taste of what many other people must have to deal with though, and it’s an eye opener that makes me realize that having open, adults only conversations may sometimes be difficult throughout the day for many people, and most of the time.