Considering adding major cities for adult local chat

We have been kicking around the idea of adding the major cites within the community here so people can find other adults in their same local areas to chat with. I am not sure if this is something that all of our users would like to see, or if it’s something we should hold off on. I know many people have met in the chat room and then met each other offline, so this may be beneficial.

Relationship matures, we talk about swinging

Our relationship has matured, and we have been around the block a few times, so it’s not a new thing to talk about swinging. We know a few other mature couples that we could chat with about swapping partners, so why not. We are not looking for drama, and only want mature couples that are not going to bring baggage into conversations with us now, or in the future.

round bed swing

The swinging bed is waiting

Relationship matures, so does the chat

So after spending a few years together, mainly focused on the sex and things we liked about each other, we moved. We learned a lot about each other during and after the moving process, it’s like it forced us to deal with each other as adults and not be so focused on the sex and fun. It was trying, moving is stressful, and moving with the one you love, well all kinds of cussing and other not-so-mature words and phrases are going to slip out during the process. Mature realization

Texas for most sex, Maine for least adult fun – study

I found an article via cbs news that talks about a study done that shows Austin Texas is number one for sexually active adults, and several other cities in Texas also scored high according the report. Maine apparently came in last in the study – but I am sure that population had some to do with that, and looking at the study, it may not be conclusive that adults in the northern state have less sex, but perhaps they are more private about sex toy purchases, talking about sex, and going to the std clinic.

The new java chat rooms launch today

For those of you who are using the free java chat rooms we have here, you have noticed that we have launched a major upgrade today. There are some great new features in the backend that allow our new chat program to handle more users, and to filter out the spammers faster and easier. Many users will find that the new chat room has some limitations, and it may be frustrating at first, but I think everyone will get use to it in no time.

Gizmodo talks about cosmo’s sex positions app

It seems that everyone wants to talk about sex, except Apple, which severely limits an kind of sexual apps that people can get through the iphone store. Well gizmodo did a post about the new cosmo sex position of the day app that is now available through the iphone app store, and how Apple seems to be playing favorites with big names publishers. I haven’t seen the app or any of the illustrations that come with it, but I am betting that even the drawn sex positions will be PG rated.

Cosmo sex position iphone app

Cosmo sex position iphone app