More privacy more comments and chat?

We have talked before about the perceived anonymity of the internet and how it has led to more open discussions with others online, but I wonder about the making it more anonymous here for people to open up more. We really enjoy hearing what other people have to say, and do what we can to make it easier for adults to share with others using our web site. We take all of the comments and emails we receive, and contemplate what people have to say. We publish comments that are critical of our site, and even comments that are critical of us and our chat room moderators. Yet we want more discussions from thought provoking people like yourself.

virtual sunglasses sing more?

virtual sunglasses sing more?

Relationship matures, so does the chat

So after spending a few years together, mainly focused on the sex and things we liked about each other, we moved. We learned a lot about each other during and after the moving process, it’s like it forced us to deal with each other as adults and not be so focused on the sex and fun. It was trying, moving is stressful, and moving with the one you love, well all kinds of cussing and other not-so-mature words and phrases are going to slip out during the process. Mature realization

Mature swingers more risky than prostitutes for STDs

I read this news story recently that talks about a study done where they found more sexually transmitted diseases in a group of mature swingers than they do on average in a similar size group of prostitutes. I am not a big fan of tantalizing headlines that make people believe something at a glance, and I am less fond of stories that do not explain the study’s details. I do however think that anything that can be done to raise awareness about STD or STI risks is generally a good thing.

Safer sex prostitutes or swingers?

Safer sex prostitutes or swingers?

Tonights chat with a mature woman

Tonight I had a most excellent conversation with a mature woman in the free chat room. At first it started out as a few jokes, and then we flirted a little. After a few minutes we talked about about some dirty thoughts, and favorite erotic fantasies. After a while we talked about knowing what we like, and being realistic about reality.

It was such a pleasure to talk with someone who was not singularly focused on merely one thing. She had a mind that was ready to communicate about many different subjects, and she was experienced in knowing and saying what she likes. This is very unusual for me, especially what chatting online it seems. I often run into people who are so narrow, or really don’t know the things they don’t like.

Adults only talk hard to come by sometimes

For many years I lived in an adults only world. There were never and kids around, never anyone under 18. I could talk to everyone completely uncensored, I never had to worry about what I was saying or doing for the most part. Recently I have gotten a taste of what many other people must have to deal with though, and it’s an eye opener that makes me realize that having open, adults only conversations may sometimes be difficult throughout the day for many people, and most of the time.

Male anatomy enhancing underwear sales surge before v-day

In London a retailer is reporting a 76% increase in sales of a new type of male underwear that is supposed to lift and support your genitalia to give you the appearance of a bigger package. Found this news story from Reuters, and the author of the story kind of ticks me off, he says in the title that men are risking an “anticlimax” by sporting these briefs.
What the hell do you mean by that? Men are risking a let down when they get in the bedroom on V-day, because they are wearing underwear that is described as the male version of the wonderbra?