Progress sucks sometimes – we roll with it

When reading about the problems others face with progress it is often an un-emotional story unless there is something about it that affects us individually. Progress in the rain forests destroying native habits seems no big deal until the connection of weather issues that affect us where we are. The rainforest devastation is not a huge deal until you see the movie medicine man and realize there was a possible cure for HIV found in one of the rain forest areas that was destroyed. There are many types of progress in the world that we probably do not give enough attention to.

Considering adding major cities for adult local chat

We have been kicking around the idea of adding the major cites within the community here so people can find other adults in their same local areas to chat with. I am not sure if this is something that all of our users would like to see, or if it’s something we should hold off on. I know many people have met in the chat room and then met each other offline, so this may be beneficial.

The new java chat rooms launch today

For those of you who are using the free java chat rooms we have here, you have noticed that we have launched a major upgrade today. There are some great new features in the backend that allow our new chat program to handle more users, and to filter out the spammers faster and easier. Many users will find that the new chat room has some limitations, and it may be frustrating at first, but I think everyone will get use to it in no time.