Male anatomy enhancing underwear sales surge before v-day

In London a retailer is reporting a 76% increase in sales of a new type of male underwear that is supposed to lift and support your genitalia to give you the appearance of a bigger package. Found this news story from Reuters, and the author of the story kind of ticks me off, he says in the title that men are risking an “anticlimax” by sporting these briefs.
What the hell do you mean by that? Men are risking a let down when they get in the bedroom on V-day, because they are wearing underwear that is described as the male version of the wonderbra?



Does this mean that women are in jeopardy of letting down men, and risking an anticlimax from wearing a push up bra? From what I can tell in the description of these underwear, they add lift and hold, not padding like a rubber hose to look like Elvis or Mandingo. Besides, once you get to the bedroom and the clothes come off, it’s 99 percent likely you are going to be getting some sex.

Sure, women may be disappointed if they thin they are getting a well endowed man, and instead it’s just average, but maybe they will get a great cunt licking or finger banging, and end up having the best sex of their life. If using a little push and hold garment is supposed to cause anticlimax, then there would be a lot of very unsatisfied men in the world. If you take into account the amount of push up bras, and waist slimming devices that women use, on top of the make up and everything else.



Rather than call it the possibility for anti-climax, I would call the possibility of not getting another date. Assuming that a majority of the men sporting these push up undies are going out trying to get some ass for V-day, as most of the people who already have dates for the day are probably already getting the nookie without need to pretend to have a bigger cock. I guess that kind of goes both ways, I am sure there are plenty of men who though they were getting a girl with big voluptuous boobs, flawless skin, and a tiny waist, yet after getting naked, they find a lot of that illusion was caused by makeup, bras, and cinchers. So I guess both sexes do that they can to get some sex, I just wonder why the author of the news story is making the guys to be at fault. I think they are just taking a cure from the women.

Well I am going to have to try a pair of these. Purely for testing and reporting reasons. Well, there is that, plus this:

The new push up design enhances the male anatomy through a lifting and support feature on the front of the briefs, the support is without compression thus allowing the wearer superb comfort.

(From the Dabenhams online catalogue)

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