Gizmodo talks about cosmo’s sex positions app

It seems that everyone wants to talk about sex, except Apple, which severely limits an kind of sexual apps that people can get through the iphone store. Well gizmodo did a post about the new cosmo sex position of the day app that is now available through the iphone app store, and how Apple seems to be playing favorites with big names publishers. I haven’t seen the app or any of the illustrations that come with it, but I am betting that even the drawn sex positions will be PG rated.

Cosmo sex position iphone app

Cosmo sex position iphone app

It’s always been funny to me how every PG media tried to run stories about sex so they can sell. No, they don’t promote the hardcore fucking that you may find in a Hustler magazine or video, but so many places from the News stations to Newspapers and magazines seem to use stories about sex to get readers and make sales. Essentially we as consumers use this magazines and TV stories to find what we are really looking for. We use the stories for clues where we can find the hardcore material.

Whether it’s a link on a tech blog post to a hardcore porn site or sexual phone app, or perhaps a news story in a magazine or on TV telling us that a new celebrity sex tape is coming out, the mainstream media is selling sex. They sell it, and we buy it. It basically makes these places pimps. E! Entertainment news, google, bing, and every other media source out there is pimping sex to make money and get viewers, even if they themselves are not the ones publishing it. That’s keeps them safe with their shareholders, and the general public I guess.

It still pisses me off that we can have women’s magazines all over the grocery store aisles talking about dozens of ways to fuck and get more orgasms, yet we still don’t have men’s magazines there doing the same thing – you have to go to an adult bookstore or online to get what you really want. I guess that rant will be for another blog post, but for now it seems that women friendly pimping is the way to go if you want to make it with mainstream media. I think I will stick with our corner of the internet, I prefer the unfiltered, uncensored sex talk with out the cheesy animations. I prefer the real sex instead of just reading about more ways to complicate it.

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One Response to Gizmodo talks about cosmo’s sex positions app

  1. chat slut says:

    Yeah, how boring is that? Cosmo drawn sex position? With the details shown in that picture, you might as well try to explain the kama sutra with stick figures.
    I am glad that web sites are talking about the lack of adult apps in the iphone store. I certainly think it is fine for apple to choose not to have porn apps, just like it is fine for youtube not to have nude people as well. Of course it is also fine for us to choose phones with the android system so we can get adult phone apps, and choose sites like for adult video sharing. Read the fine print though! Especially with atnt android phones.
    I recently considered getting on of the new htc android based phones from atnt so I could enjoy all the cool featured and sexy apps that are available with the android phone operating system, but then I read a review from cnet I think it was, and they mentioned that the phone would be locked down so you could not “sideload” apps to it! What kind of shit is that? I can’t believe google would even allow phone companies to lock it down like that and still call it android. They should have to call it android light or android locked!
    Things like that make atnt look bad in my opinion, and also make google, and android look bad.
    Imagine how many consumers out there wil get one of those new phones because they heard about all the adult apps they could get with android, only to find out later that atnt has duped them. Sad thing is at that point they will probably be stuck with a handicapped phone and maybe a 2 year contract as well!