Anna Paquin (Sookie in True Blood) comes out as bisexual

Wow, as if this girl couldn’t get any hotted. I mean seriously, ever since I saw her in the True Blood series, I have been amazed at how beautiful she is. In so many ways I definitely say her acting in the True Blood series has made her one of my all time favorite actresses. Even if I combined a list of porn and non porn actresses, I don’t think any would be hotter than Anna, and she just came out as bisexual, which definitely will keep her in the top spot.

When I first saw her in True Blood with her blonde hair and petite figure I was like, wow, who is this hot girl? The way she plays Sookie with kindness and strength, and passion is awesome. The sex scenes in the series really took things over the top. She showed her perfect (not too big) breasts, and passionate embraces with “Bill” the star vampire of the show. It’s truly magnetic, very hot!

Now she has come out as bisexual, and I must say her fiance’ is a very very luck man indeed. Kudos to the both of you.

I know this is for a bigger issue (We Give A Damn), and kudos for that as well!

More about this story from the yahoo tv blog thing.

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3 Responses to Anna Paquin (Sookie in True Blood) comes out as bisexual

  1. chat slut says:

    Anna is definitely a very beautiful woman. I too find her very attractive with the blonde hair. Seeing being so mature even as a relatively innocent small town girl is quite enjoyable in the true blood series. The sex scenes are so very hot in that show too! I really enjoy her aceent and smooth voice she has created for the Sookie character as well. I imagine hearing her talk in bed like that would be very soothing and sensual.

  2. chat slut says:

    I recently heard that Christina Aquilera recently came out as being sexually attracted to both women and men as well. No big surprise to me, I think most woman are attracted to at least some other women. I donZt think Christina was coming out for any kind of cause or anything. I think it was just casual conversation in a magazine interview. Heck she is an adult and has every right to engage with whatever kind of sexual attraction she feels with any other adults.
    I think it’s great when celebriies come out and make it easier for everyone else to be honest about their sexual feelings.

  3. chat slut says:

    I heard that Anna and joe, or Sookie and Bill got married! That is really awesome! I am so glad to have seen their passion in the show and to know that it was real. Now that they are maried I hope they make a threesome sex tape with Anna showing her bisexuality with Bill getting it on with her at the same time. They could hold on to it and release it a couple years later.
    It’s a ver hot visual in my fantasy.