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This is a very popular sex chat site online. I think the forums has more than 10,000 members. The free text chat room always has about 50 -75 people in it. At least every time I have checked, even at four in the morning, there are a bunch of people chatting away there. I have run into people from Ireland, Australia, and even the small town a few miles down the road on this site.

I have talked to several couples who have made real-life connection with people they met in the sex chat room, and they have moderators who try to keep things sane in the rooms.

Some people expect to find straight fucking and dirty talking right when they enter the room, and some are disappointed to find that the main lobby room tends to be just really talk and discussions about life and current events. Most of the sexual fucking occurs in private messages or in other rooms outside the initial lobby.

It’s a fun site, and you never know where the conversations will be when you pop in to check it out. Of course the site also has a hot blog, and video previews of premium cam girls to check out as well.

Of course, we own that sex chat site, so maybe our opinion is skewed a little - maybe you should check it out and see - we aint lyin’ - it great!

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