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Cyber Sex

Cyber sex is another term used describe having text, email or video sexual discussions on the internet. I think the term probably originated from the bulletin board systems, but certainly once all the free text chat rooms started getting lots of users, cybersex was a big draw for the early internet adopters.

Being able to “cyber” with someone, often anonymously opened up the flood gate for people to get right into sexual discussions without having to worry about judgments and the time it takes to meet someone in real life and then spend the time to develop the relationship to the point where you can discuss things sexually. In the real world, even after taking the time to gain the trust of someone to the point where you can talk about sexual things, many people generally hold back some things. In the cyber chat rooms, you can pretty much throw about anything out there and not worry too much about running into someone later if they disagree with your choice of sexual preferences.

I think that cybersex has opened the floodgates of human sexual expression and exploration, much the 60’s and the birth control pill made major changes to the way sex was perceived by the masses, the internet is making it even easier to open and honest about erotic fantasy and copulation education.

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