Looking for newer chat systems 2019

We have been testing several new chat systems behind the scenes for most of last year. All kinds of interesting systems and ways that people are using chat have been cropping up. From mobile apps gaining usage, to privacy and security concerns becoming more and more of population features to consider, we have been trying hard to find something better than our old faithful fun system.

Future more sexy or more scary or both?

I’d like to say we are close to have a final new solution, but that is not the situation. I do have a new system to test out in February and hope that it passes most of our requirements.

So far security has been the primary concern with modern chat systems to move to. We have a couple of secure options, but they are not as pretty as we’d like them to be yet. Of course finding out most people are using mobile devices to access chat these days makes it easier in some ways to have a less ‘pretty’ chat option – but we want to be as sexy as we can be, so we are going to keep customizing and weighing the options.

For the moment we are suggesting that most people should consider the ‘signal app’ for private one to one messaging. Lots of people are also putting trust into telegram as a group messaging system that is supposed to be mostly secure and private, some people are swearing that the encryption currently in use by Whatsapp is worthy of trust. However do note that things could change with any of these systems or the governments that allow them to operate. So check the date and do more research at other portals using more than one search engine so you can hopefully find some less censored news and opinion on these things.

Here’s to a new year and hoping we get more secure and more options here and everywhere in the near future!