A few men chime in on sex-ting

Saw an interesting article about what men really thing about sexting that was in the front page news feed at yahoo. I clicked to check it out later, and finally made time to check it out. I was expecting some kind of cosm-for-men type of large survey, but was disappointed that it was really just a few paragraphs from what three guys said about sending sexy sms messages.

smart phones make sexting easy

smart phones make sexting easy

Relationship matures, we talk about swinging

Our relationship has matured, and we have been around the block a few times, so it’s not a new thing to talk about swinging. We know a few other mature couples that we could chat with about swapping partners, so why not. We are not looking for drama, and only want mature couples that are not going to bring baggage into conversations with us now, or in the future.

round bed swing

The swinging bed is waiting