Talk dirty to me she said – but first

She really wanted someone to talk dirty to her. That’s why she was here, in this room with me and several others. I could tell by her flirty comments, but before being treated like a horny slut, she wanted to be cooed, she wanted to be respected, and then engage in perversions.



Many gals I have seen in the chat rooms are quite eager to engage in sexual fantasy, they just want to make sure they are given the proper respect and introduction, the textual foreplay if you will. Sure there are girls out there that just want to jump into a room, find someone to fuck, and then log off and go back to their busy lives quickly, but a majority of the women I find in the chat rooms want more. Even the dirtiest girls who want really perverted sexual stimulation often want to have respect when in a chat lobby or real lobby for that matter.

In most chat room lobbies I have seen 90 percent of guys that get no play, and a few men who get all of the attention from the ladies. The main things I see that guys who get play do are: spell most words correctly, have manners and patience with introductions, and talk with respect. A majority of the guys who tend to get little if any attention, and probably end up on the ignore or bozo button are as follows: spelling mistakes, crude and rude comments, Pming or private messaging girls without asking. Of course there are several other factors involved as well, but these are things I notice on a regular basis.

Screen names and overall chat demeanor certainly can influence whether girls want to talk with you in private or not. Choosing a good screen name should be easy, yet I find most of guy’s screen name choices just simply make them sound desperate, not the way to get women eager to talk to you. How you interact with other people in the room will affect how much interest women will have in getting to know you better as well. If you are confident and funny, and spell things correctly, then women will be more likely to enjoy engaging in private conversations with you. If you are very crude and rude, then most women will not be as friendly to private messaging offers.

Of course this info and advice is not true for all women, or men for that matter. There certainly are women int he world who are looking for rude and crude men, and there are plenty of women players out there that enjoy taken dumb men down a notch in virtual rooms, but this is general advice from what I have noticed in the general rooms.

Just like in real life, there are some women who will talk to you if you are rude and dumb, but a majority of the girls are looking for smart, funny, and respectful gentlemen to woo them into releasing their dirtier side slowly. Practice textual foreplay and you will get more end play. If you can do that, you may end up with several regular online sex partners, and have women fighting for access to your private message box. You may even find a real connection offline from a bit of foreplay work online.

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  1. Truly talking dirty is very helpful to make the relationship more passionate.
    It strengthens your relationship, stabilizes your commitment, and moves you to be ever more loving and devoted to you all day every day.