Sex text to wrong person? Happens a lot with sexting

So I read this article from Reuters the other day, and it says that about 43 percent of people admit to sending a racy or sexy text message to the wrong person. It made me think for a minute, and yep, I am one of the 43% that has done that big whoops, and I’ve been the wrong recipient of a sexy message or two over the years as well. I have gotten and sent messages to the wrong person on several occasions, through cell phones, emails, and instant messengers. It can happen to anybody I guess, and for all kinds of reasons.

oops! wrong person sexting text message

oops! wrong person sexting text message

Sometimes I blame it on the technology. My smart phone is not so smart sometimes, and the touch screen seems to have a mind of it’s own. Sometimes my phone calls people when it shouldn’t, and it really sucks when it does other things like select someone’s name from a list and quickly send when I am trying to hit cancel. Sometimes it’s just plain operator error. There have been times when I am in a three way text fest, or times when I am sending and receiving texts from more than two people at a time. Sometimes I reply to the wrong message at the wrong time. Other times it’s doing business and pleasure at the same time – boy that can be a problem!

Luckily the one time I was doing business in one chat window and pleasure in another, it was a business message that got sent to the personal conversation, and not the other way around – lol! My soon to be girlfriend buzzed me pretty quickly when she got the message “daddy whore” sent to her – where did that come from she asked. Sometimes multi-taking leads to multiple mistakes.

I’m not the only that is guilty of that – most people I know are engaging in sexual or flirty texts and chats with more than person at a time. The other day one of my friends got a very telling message texted to her that was obviously meant for someone else. The other woman was dishing about how her other friend would have to relent on the timing of their upcoming outing, and that my friend was wanting to bring two other girls to the event. She also mentioned that she really wanted to have lesbian sex with the one girl, but the other girl really got on her nerves, and she was asking if the other guy would play defender to keep her away. Wow, what a mix up that was. I not sure if my friend replied to let her know that her message was not delivered to the person she would be expecting a reply to, she might of tried to save the embarrassment.

I really wish there was a good way to unsend emails, and retract text messages! I suppose we all need to be more careful, especially when texting quickly or engaging in multiple text conversations at the same time. There was a story a while back that had texts and facebook mails and log-ins going to the wrong person through the AT&t mobile network. Some kind of IP problem or something if I recall. So whether it’s the technology, or the humans, I guess we can expect text messages to end up going to the wrong people on occasion. Hopefully it wont’ cause any breakups or divorces, and we can all understand that it simply happens.

I remember a story about a Canadian man who has kicked out divorced because his new phone had some racy text messages on it, and those texts actually came with the phone when he bought it. Of course the wife didn’t believe that, but he should of dumped her for not trusting him and going though his phone, invading his privacy (and the people who have been messaging him!) anyways.

Oh, you have got to love the technology, and the occasional embarrassment that comes with it. Double check that name and number in the “TO:” field before you hit send when you are sexting, especially if you are attaching pictures! I’ve gotten some pretty funny ones, like last month and friend sent a text “I really want to suck your dick” – then about 5 minutes late I get one – whoops, wrong Sam, sorry for that. Geeze, what a let down! I wish hadn’t gotten that first one, I was kind of excited for a minute, and then a let down. It’s could of been worse I guess.

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5 Responses to Sex text to wrong person? Happens a lot with sexting

  1. Pretty Princess says:

    Lmao! Now that I think about it, it has happened to me as well. I have received very explicit texts and then the person apologizes. I just laugh it off. I’ve done it too. It’s so embarrassing. Think it might have something to do with cocktail hour. They say never drink and dial. Well now we have to add never drink and text or email, etc. 🙂 I’m not even going into pictures………..

  2. chat slut says:

    This happened to me recently, twice really! I was texting two diferent friends pretty much at the same time, and we all got mixed up in the sending an really receiving.
    First my girlfriend sent me the wrong picture that was saved on her camera phone. I got a picture of her in her birthday suit, yeah completely nude, aside from the high heels she was wearing. I sent her a jokingly sexual comment back, but that went to my other friend who started sexting back to me.
    The whole thing becamd one confusing hap hazard text orgy. I almost sent the wrong person one of my camera phone pussy pics. It all turned into a great time for all of us. Now we all joke about the thresome phone / text message sex we all stumbled into accidentally.

  3. chat slut says:

    We should also talk about how many times when you text the right person, it can still end up in the wrong person’s hands. I’m sure this conversation will deserve it’s own blog post / comment thread. Certainly this happens even more than sexting the wrong person.

    Just think aout how many times people show friends the sexy messages sent from other people. How often someone else picks up another’s phone and snoops. Also how texts can end up in court and stuff as well. People need to think about all tht as well!

  4. chat slut says:

    This can also be done purpose to make a potential lover jealous. I know of people who have sent random racy texts to the wrong person on purpose. Using that as a method to convince someone to drop their other lust interest and go for more monogomous time with her. I dnZt really think that is a mature way of comunicating, but I have heard that it worked.
    Geze, can we all stop playing games and act like adults? Comunication and honesty are the things that great relationships are built on, even purely sexual ones.

  5. phone sex slut says:

    I have had this happen with text messages, and with call waiting. I’ve done that when I thought I had switched lines! I was talking to one person who I was just starting to date, then switched over to the person I was fucking that night and started talking dirty. Then I found out that I had not switched lines and it became a really crazy situation!