Airline stewardesses pose nude in missing back pay protest

I look at this situation in several ways. I want to just be perverted about it really, but there are big issues here, and they are important. From reading this news story from Reuters it seems that a bunch of these girls are owed money from a big Airline in Spain, and for hours that have already been worked. I guess the company is in some kind of financial pause or bankruptcy or something? Anyway, these girls haven’t been paid, and they are bringing attention to this big issue by doing nude photographs and making a calendar.

It made it to the news, so I am hoping that their ploy works! I hope that consumers will write some nasty letters to the airline and let them know that it is ridiculous that some professional women find themselves in the position where they need to strip themselves bare and show the world in order to get some attention to the matter. Of course they could picket and write letters, but we all know where that goes. It is sad that in our news-centric society, we really only pay attention to death and sex in the news.

stewardess nude calendar photo (Reuters)

stewardess nude calendar photo (Reuters)

If it bleeds, it leads. If it involves nudity or sex it will sell and nudes get views. I think that pretty much sums up the news cycle doesn’t it? Everything else is secondary, and tertiary, so a few out of work girls picketing at a defunked corporation probably wouldn’t get much exposure. These ladies probably can’t afford a huge ad campaign to promote the issue, so baring the breasts and offering coochie views in a calendar seems to be the only way to get this issue to the masses.

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One Response to Airline stewardesses pose nude in missing back pay protest

  1. chat slut says:

    How does that saying go?
    (oh geeze 3 can’t think of it now)
    It would be cool if playboy, or hustler or someone would give these women a photo shoot and even more exposure about how they have been done wrong. Not only could they get more money, but the increased readership would give them more exposure in more ways than one. Perhaps it would be a way for them to sell more sexy calendars as well!
    It may even start morw conversations around the world about the airline, and perhaps get them into more talks about getting the compensation thay deserve.