Online discussions require some majurity

Whether you are engaging people in an adult forum or free chat room, acting like a grown up is the right thing to do. Sure having fun and acting wild is one thing, but engaging in flaming conversations or unpopular speech will generally put you in the crosshairs of a moderator and could get you ignored, bozoed for banned.

The places are for mature people over the age of 18, everyone should act that way! Be mature and have some respect, if you disagree, do it politely. There is no sense in starting a flame war and ruining the fun for everyone else who is looking to have a ripe good time.

In most moderated places online if you start to talk about hate or just come off as plain rude, you will find yourself not only the bane of everyone else’s conversations, but frozen or banned my a moderator. So act mature, speak with respect and you will probably get that back. Get caught up in drama may get you permanently banned from using the free services that abound on the internet.

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