Sex text to wrong person? Happens a lot with sexting

So I read this article from Reuters the other day, and it says that about 43 percent of people admit to sending a racy or sexy text message to the wrong person. It made me think for a minute, and yep, I am one of the 43% that has done that big whoops, and I’ve been the wrong recipient of a sexy message or two over the years as well. I have gotten and sent messages to the wrong person on several occasions, through cell phones, emails, and instant messengers. It can happen to anybody I guess, and for all kinds of reasons.

oops! wrong person sexting text message

oops! wrong person sexting text message

Mature swingers more risky than prostitutes for STDs

I read this news story recently that talks about a study done where they found more sexually transmitted diseases in a group of mature swingers than they do on average in a similar size group of prostitutes. I am not a big fan of tantalizing headlines that make people believe something at a glance, and I am less fond of stories that do not explain the study’s details. I do however think that anything that can be done to raise awareness about STD or STI risks is generally a good thing.

Safer sex prostitutes or swingers?

Safer sex prostitutes or swingers?

Tonights chat with a mature woman

Tonight I had a most excellent conversation with a mature woman in the free chat room. At first it started out as a few jokes, and then we flirted a little. After a few minutes we talked about about some dirty thoughts, and favorite erotic fantasies. After a while we talked about knowing what we like, and being realistic about reality.

It was such a pleasure to talk with someone who was not singularly focused on merely one thing. She had a mind that was ready to communicate about many different subjects, and she was experienced in knowing and saying what she likes. This is very unusual for me, especially what chatting online it seems. I often run into people who are so narrow, or really don’t know the things they don’t like.

Adults only talk hard to come by sometimes

For many years I lived in an adults only world. There were never and kids around, never anyone under 18. I could talk to everyone completely uncensored, I never had to worry about what I was saying or doing for the most part. Recently I have gotten a taste of what many other people must have to deal with though, and it’s an eye opener that makes me realize that having open, adults only conversations may sometimes be difficult throughout the day for many people, and most of the time.

Anna Paquin (Sookie in True Blood) comes out as bisexual

Wow, as if this girl couldn’t get any hotted. I mean seriously, ever since I saw her in the True Blood series, I have been amazed at how beautiful she is. In so many ways I definitely say her acting in the True Blood series has made her one of my all time favorite actresses. Even if I combined a list of porn and non porn actresses, I don’t think any would be hotter than Anna, and she just came out as bisexual, which definitely will keep her in the top spot.

Airline stewardesses pose nude in missing back pay protest

I look at this situation in several ways. I want to just be perverted about it really, but there are big issues here, and they are important. From reading this news story from Reuters it seems that a bunch of these girls are owed money from a big Airline in Spain, and for hours that have already been worked. I guess the company is in some kind of financial pause or bankruptcy or something? Anyway, these girls haven’t been paid, and they are bringing attention to this big issue by doing nude photographs and making a calendar.